Solution For HR / Admin & Finance

Corporate Rooms helps the large and small organisations to reduce the cost of travel by as much as 20% and deliver the highest levels of productivity from employees during their business travel.

Direct Tie-ups - You can SAVE 20% on your travel cost as we have better Prices due to Direct Tie-ups with Service providers

Actionable Reporting - You as an HR/ADMIN can generate MIS Reports (Department-Wise, User-Wise,Etc.) and keep a watch on your travel budgets.

We offer Corporate Rates for all the services we provide on our Portal so NO NEED for YOU to LOOK for NEW VENDORS in each city.

Service Tax Set off - As an HR/Admin, YOU can SAVE COST for your Company on Corporate Travel, by implementing BTC (Bill to Company) a PAN-INDIA Tie-up feature with Corporate Rooms which will also enable your Finance Manager to SAVE 15% on Service Tax by enabling Company to Company billing. (i.e) Corporate Rooms will bill to ABC Ltd directly.

Accounting Automation - Saving on Cost and Time due to elimination of conventional accounting tools.

Credit Period - We offer 07 - 30 days* credit period for your Corporate Travel from the date of booking.