Our Success Story

Hi I am Fazal and I welcome you with my co-founder Hameedah from Corporate Rooms.

Hameedah and I have been working together for over 10 years with the Corporates and we really question why corporate travel is so unorganised and why should employees go through all the pain of paying from their own pocket while on an official trip.

We are trying to bring a change from what we have experienced.

The corporate travel industry however is our biggest challenge but one thing we got passionately involved in, is to put an end to employees making official payment from their own pocket and the same has become our mission.

Corporate Rooms is a corporate travel platform and we sincerely started building this because Hameedah and I couldn’t understand where people went wrong traditionally in corporate travel which is such a huge market.

We sat there wondering why people take so long and why it should be so hard to book a trip.

Hence we believe, the biggest misconceptions that everybody believes is, corporate travel is hard and complex. We worked on it and realised it can be quite easy and simple.

We spoke to lot of corporates before even starting like this and we started to understand the problem that we are trying to solve. We are very much a part of this industry. We wanted to make sure we cover all areas which the corporate faces before we even started building this company.

So we understand that booking is just one step of the trouble experience but with Corporate Rooms, we are powered by multiple solutions in a single platform. You can book a flight, a hotel of your choice, a service apartment in any location, catch a bus or rent a car and also you can arrange a business meeting in a conference room at any hotel of your choice and not only that, you can also relocate your office or expand in any location Pan India. It also allows you to integrate with partners you work with and get approvals from your higher managers even before you travel. It also has a feature where your company can get Bill to Company option i.e TRAVEL NOW and PAY LATER with credit facility from 07-30 days as per the terms approved in the agreement.

Corporate Rooms is focused on best corporate rates and we know that you have other providers but we also know there is no one solution that can do everything for you.

Integrate your company with Corporate Rooms which allows you to have a central space where you can manage your travel end to end on one single platform which is on Pan India level.

Corporate Rooms has just been started and our future endeavour is Global expansion. We definitely have a vision of being the best No # 1 Corporate Travel Company and this is really exciting and challenging for us.