How Corporate Rooms is Making Travel Easy for Businesses

Posted on October 30, 2017 at 10:45 AM


Solution to the Problem:

At Corporate Rooms, we understand that it’s getting more and more difficult for companies to manage the travel for their top management. This is why we offer the finest travel solutions to corporate companies that have employees always on the go. We surpass the travel agency, the travel agent, and the hassles that come with it all.

Corporate Rooms’ services have been tailored to help contracted companies better manage their travel programmes by giving booking control to the employer and the employee, thereby maximising efficiency. Time lost is money lost; which is why we ensure that our clients benefit from real-time information. You can think of Corporate Rooms as your private concierge service. Whenever and wherever you need assistance, Corporate Rooms will be there for you.

We have tie-ups with 24000+ hotels and offer other travel related services like booking of flights, service apartments, cars, bus services, and conference service. With everyone owning a smartphone now, instant access to a real-time and detailed website portal is just what the modern-day traveller needs. Corporate Rooms website can be easily visited on your smartphone, giving you access to all travel arrangements – the hotel location, the itinerary, preferred seats, and meal requests.


Corporate Rooms are the market leaders of modern travel technology in India. Their online interface makes sure that they have all the updated information about all the travelling employees– their preferences and their corporate budget allocations. Access to the Corporate Rooms payment portal frees employees of the added stress that they may have to pay out of their own pockets if they make changes in their travel plans. They have the option of billing it directly to the company account, as long as they have been cleared to do so. The icing on the cake is that these corporate rates and benefits can be used by the employee when they make their personal travel arrangements also.

Corporate Rooms designer interface makes it simpler for the employees and travel arrangers, saving them both time and costly agent booking fees, while giving them personalised service. Corporate Rooms is committed to maintaining industry standards and helping the clients make the most of the customised travel programmes. The clients that have signed up with Corporate Rooms can now control their travel experiences and revolutionise the way they travel.